Why Writing Still Matters In Today's Tech-Driven World

Why Writing Still Matters In Today’s Tech-Driven World

January 7, 2022

It may be said that our modern age is wholly dependent on technology and the simple commands we give to our machines. From running your coffee machine in the morning with a few buttons pressed here and there to ordering a robot vacuum to tidy up your home while you look at work reports on your tablet, the role that technology plays in our lives now cannot be overstated.

However, even though we are accustomed to minute-to-minute interactions with Alexa or sending messages via voice note, the role of language in human life will never disappear. It is the basis of all communication we have with each other, and human beings are primarily social creatures. With apps on the internet for writers, Writing has taken a technological turn.

Perhaps the act of writing is seen as old-fashioned nowadays, but even so, we are continually engaging with it and engaging in it. We consume a large amount of content regularly, from Facebook posts to Twitter feeds.

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We read newspapers online. We read e-books. The act of putting pen to paper may be something that is primarily pursued by students and writers, but the larger, more abstract concept of ‘writing’ is continuously relevant.  As a person progresses in their professional life, the style of writing they adapt should also mature over time, eventually developing with the person and ultimately improving their level of writing. That is one of the few reasons why writing is so critical in a world that is driven by clicks and commands.

Writing Is Good For The Soul

Ever sit down on your desk after a long and hectic day and you just wanted to pour your heart out in your journal? Well, if you haven’t done that yet, I suggest you do. Writing lets you sit in stillness, in complete control of the words that want to come out of your thoughts and get written on the piece of paper in front of you. There was an article on the internet that went into detail explaining how if you write things down, you can keep a track of your intuitive feelings. The process of writing feels intimate because when you write for yourself, you can’t lie! Whatever you write is an extension of your personality. That makes it even better for your personal growth and your health.

It might sound like some esoteric piece of wisdom, but researchers have attested that writing is a meditative act. It stimulates the imagination, which in turn has a positive effect on your health and self-esteem. Take a few minutes of each morning or evening to journal or write down your thoughts as they come. You’ll be surprised at how engaging and enlightening the process is. You might learn a lot more about yourself.

Good Writing Skills Make You More Employable

It’s true that good writing skills improve your chances of securing a job and conveniently puts you on a better level than your counterparts in the initial stage. Writing enables us with the necessary communication and critical thinking skills. The ability to communicate through the written word comes in handy when written communication is an important aspect of conducting business.

Employers are more than likely to hire you if you have impeccable spelling and grammar skills because communication and writing (in whatever form) are vital skills in most jobs. You may think you’re off the hook if you’re aiming to work in a field like data science or engineering, but there will always be times when you will have to write or engage with a co-worker’s writing.

A 2013 Grammarly survey found that job-seekers with fewer grammatical errors in their applications earned higher positions, and fewer grammatical errors correlated with more frequent promotions. So don’t write off writing skills if you want to be successful in your professional life!

Writing Eliminates Stress and Increases Productivity

It’s been found that putting down your writing goals in the morning makes it more likely that you will achieve them. Writing can be excellent for your productivity and sense of focus and for getting you ready for the working day, but it can also be a great stress-reliever.

The faster you jot down points and sentences in a journal or book, the easier it gets for you to complete the task at hand and move on to the next task. Increased productivity through the use of efficient writing skills has been thoroughly documented by researchers all throughout history.

When you put down all the thoughts that are crowding your brain, you tend to feel better. It’s like talking to a friend, and the process of writing is in itself a way to rationalize the irrational anxieties you might have.

Writing Sharpens Leadership Skills

Have you got an eye on a managerial position? Do you want to be the top dog in your company someday? Writing might be the way to go. Efficient and transparent communication skills are the best way to convey your plans and goals. A good leader is one who excels in verbal as well as written communication. Expressing the ideas and tasks through the written word is an essential skill that any potential person in a leadership position should nurture for himself as well as the betterment of his team.

Think about it, would you instead promote someone with consistent and well thought out business plans or schemes, or someone who might have good ideas but puts them down so roughly that they can’t be understood? Writing also helps you clear your mind and therefore makes you a better and more rational decision-maker. If you ever want to lead a team someday and inspire them to work hard and commit to a single goal, keep writing.

You Can Document Your Life

Do you ever look back on specific moments in your life and think, I wish I had more to remember them by? Memories are important to us, and they shape how we take on the future. Keeping a regular journal, or writing down important events, is how you keep the memories when you’ve moved on in life. It’s also a great way to witness your personal growth as you learn and change. Future, you will be grateful if you’re taking notes today. It might sound cliché but there has been immense research on the benefits and positive assets relating to journal writing and journal keeping. From personal experience, I can assure you that by dedicating just a little time from your hectic schedule to writing a personal journal, you will see the positive effects it has on your personal life and your mental health.

While some tech gurus might say writing is no longer relevant, this simply cannot be true. Writing systems originated in ancient civilizations. They’re almost a part of our DNA as a human species.

Everything you read today – an online article, a reminder on your phone, an advertisement – is ruled by writing skill. As humans, we live and thrive on the urge to be understood, and the age-old necessity to communicate through writing and language will always be important to us. Even your favorite audiobook began as the first draft in someone’s Google Docs.

So don’t give up on writing, even in this fast-paced, tech-driven world, because it’s not going anywhere.


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