Artificial Intelligence and Coding Learning in Early Education in Schools

Why Artificial Intelligence and Coding are important to be taught in schools

January 7, 2022

There was a time when the idea of AI and Coding for Schools was unheard of! But today, the dynamics have changed. Industries are filled with AI equipment and every online platform works on predictive analysis undertaken by bots and machines. 

So, it wasn’t a surprise when in 2020, the government via the National Education Policy laid down specific laws about including Computer training, Coding and AI education in our syllabus. Some schools have adopted it, while others are slow on the taking. Either way, Artificial Intelligence for schools is inevitable and necessary.

What does AI do?

To understand the importance of AI in schools, we must first understand how far AI has developed so far and what it actually does.

There are various types of Artificial Intelligence:

  1. Reactive machines
  2. Limited memory machines
  3. Theory of mind
  4. Self Aware
  5. Artificial Narrow Intelligence
  6. Artificial General Intelligence
  7. Artificial Super Intelligence

Most of the current AI being utilized belongs to reactive machines and limited memory machines. Reactive machines are programmed to respond like humans and they do not have memories that they can access every time they act or respond. A computer chess game is an example of a Reactive Machine. It can only play 1 game at a time and cannot remember a player or how he played the last time, to be able to construct a long-term strategy against the component’s weaknesses.

Limited memory machines are similar but a little more advanced. These have small memory banks and can access these to make decisions. Most of the AI present in our lives is considered to be due to limited memory machines. Deep learning, data storage and predictive analysis are examples of limited memory machines. 

Both these varieties of AI are developing and finding various applications to make our lives safer, faster and easier.

What happens when AI and Coding are taught at an early age?

Parents and teachers often wonder why AI and Coding are necessary for our schools today when they never grew up learning it!

There was a time when the educational trend leaned towards Engineering. Everyone wanted to teach their children to learn engineering and many engineering colleges were established during that phase. Today, the trend is towards Coding and AI, but the goal is to create more than AI professionals or Coders. 

AI and Coding not only teach young minds computational thinking and algorithmic intelligence, it also helps them to view problems in a structural manner and promote their talents in Art, Creativity and of course, Problem Solving.

The methods in which AI and Coding are taught stimulate a child’s brain and help to develop in ways that no other subject can. Children can adapt and learn almost anything, provided it is given to them at an early age. Coding is easy for young kids and by the time they are adults, they are masters of programming and computers. The ability to create and innovate leads young students to utilize their imaginative skills. These can be used to make programs, software, or other tools to improve the lives of humanity. 

The Future

By providing the best coding platforms for schools and introducing AI education at an early age, we predict an entire generation of qualified professionals that are equipped to make the best of NextGen technology. Experts from PwC, a top research group, say that AI technologies can boost global GDP by almost $16 trillion or INR 16 lakh crores!

That’s a future we want our children to be a part of, don’t we?


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