Ruby on Rails Gems for developers

Top 7 Ruby On Rails Gems for Developers

January 7, 2022

Ruby on Rails is a web-application framework which includes every small component required to create database-backed web applications using the MVC pattern. It was released in 2004 and was built upon the Ruby language which was introduced in the 90s.

Ruby on rails allows you to create applications in a hassle-free manner with provided ready to use plugins and gems. It is a great way to extend the functionality in the Ruby/ Rails application. RoR is powerful due to the huge community of contributors, which is now circa 4000 strong on GitHub.

Ruby on Rails offers the following solutions:

Promotes bug-free development

The Minitest tool built into the Rails core offers many testing features such as expectation syntax, mocking, test benchmarking. On the additional note, Ruby on Rails encourages test-driven development and behavior-driven development approaches.

Secure platform

Certain security features are built into the framework and enabled by default. When we use ruby on rails, we can ensure the secure development life cycle, which definitely a hard shell consisting of the various security assurance process.

Portal development

The custom portal development helps you to shift your business and thereby helps you to serve customers beyond expectations.

MVP development

MVP development is one of the proven advantages of Ruby on Rails. It has gained popularity since it helps them figure out what exactly the customers are looking for. Since ruby on rails is costly, hence you need to spend wisely on it.

Ruby on Rails web solutions

It has become the most needed solution as it has a lot of beneficial features. The fine web apps leveraging Ruby on Rails have the potential of bringing your business to the front-line thereby making it fit for going it to the global market.

Time Utilization

Ready-made Plugins on Ruby on Rails allow developers to utilize time wisely. The developers don’t need to waste time on writing boilerplate code when ruby on rails is used. RoR builds applications faster than teams using other programming languages and frameworks.


Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework distributed under the MIT license. Hence, you can save plenty of developer time and effort too. Depending upon the requirements, gems can be downloaded.

Generally, it takes months for a web app development, but it can be built faster in a few days by utilizing ‘Gems’. Gems keep RoR stable and ready to use. Since the software developer doesn’t need to write certain parts of code from scratch, hence less development time.  Their integration into the new application is done easily.

Here’s a list of Ruby on Rails useful Gems and their usability:

1. ActiveRecord import

By utilizing Active Record import, a bulk number of records can be inserted using it. To create a zero –configuration persistence layer for applications, it connects classes to relational databases. It utilizes minimal SQL insert statements and operates according to the Active Record associations. The plain ActiveRecord may work fine when uploading ten records. This gem is extremely useful when importing external data. It can be used when string conventions for associations, validations, aggregations, migrations, and testing is used. In other words, it reduces the conversion time significantly.  It proves efficient to upload ten records.

2. Draper

Draper helps developers to build decorators around their models. The gem allows making their views a much cleaner view. With the Draper in use, there is no need to write helpers. While in use, developers can easily define a decorator and can avoid calling helpers. They are also provided with a list of attributes and extended methods.

3. Pry

Any Rails developer must have a set of gems which makes debugging a pleasure. To ensure several advanced features such as browsing, syntax highlighting, live system, and a wide range of plugins offering remote sessions and full debugging functionality. It aims to be more than an IRB replacement. It is an attempt to bring REPL driven programming to the Ruby language.

4. RSPEC Rails

RSPEC rails is a perfect choice for the developers who can write the unit test cases. This gem facilitates application developers with the integration of RSpec framework into any of the rails project. In RSpec, tests are specifications, the detailed explanations of the application’s behavior, while in other cases, tests are considered to be just scripts that verify your application code.  The users have to generate the required spec helpers and configuration files. This framework is used in TDD and BDD environments.

5. Figaro

Figaro is Heroku-friendly and is one of the simple Rails best gem app configuration. This configuration uses ENV and a single YAML file. These are created using Rails. It introduced a convention that can keep the configuration data and SCM separate from each other. This gem parses the YAML file and loads its value into ENV.


When building an e-commerce solution or while creating an application of any the social networks, developers need to log into the social media pages, where the authorization and authentication will be required for the particular application. In this situation, when some developers like to utilize their code for the purpose, others prefer to use Ruby gems for authentication. Its functions have turned out to be very effective and easy, which makes it one of the best rails gems.

Based upon the modularity concept, these rack based MVC solution can utilize only the requirements. Devise is a flexible authentication solution for Rails based on Warden. This gives flexibility for multiple models to be signed in at the same time. It includes 10 modules- Ominauthable, Database Authenticable, Registrable, Confirmable, Trackable, Recoverable, Lockable, Timeoutable, Rememberable, Validatable, and Friendly.

These resource URLs are easily identified by the primary key of each module. In some cases, developers may be required to deal with the un-optimized URLs of the web page. friendly transforms the URLs to an easy to remember and much friendlier web page URLs. The reason behind its popularity is that it doesn’t require any code modifications in the web application.


This gem is perfect for developing complex applications. In other words, it can be described as an authorization library for Ruby and Ruby on Rails which restricts what resources a given user is allowed to access.

This application allows users to have numerous rules, but the developers need to restrict access for some. This gem offers the ease of setting up the user access restrictions, which can be managed in one place. In most cases, permission is defined at a single location and not duplicated. The “Authorizations definition library ” module of CANCANCAN has a beneficial side as it allows developers to set the rules for users. On an additional note, it also offers the ease of accessing different objects to the helpers, given they need to check those permissions before access.


When developing Ruby on Rails web applications, Ruby gems is standard practice. The listed gems can be utilized to solve common issues in Rails applications. These prove efficient in solving the problems related to file testing, uploads, authorization, and authentication.

The gems eliminate the need to reinvent the wheel for each app. You cannot depend upon these gems alone for solving the problems but when you find any issue, it can be utilized to solve it in one go. Make sure you utilize gems at the right time.


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