Top 5 Public Speaking Apps to Improve your communication

Top 5 Public Speaking Apps to Improve your communication

January 7, 2022

Top 5 Public Speaking Apps: What is your common fear? Is it the fear of speaking on stage or is it the fear of height? If it is later then you must consult a psychologist, but if it is public speaking, then you are not alone. Many of us may be highly talented, but when it comes to talking on stage, many people back off.

Top 5 Public Speaking Apps

According to a study by LinkedIn, the most in-demand skills is strong communication skills. There are millions of people who get stressed and lose confidence while communicating.

But don’t worry there is a solution to it too since there’s an app for everything. Need to date? or to Optimize your vocabulary? You have several options.

Fortunately, technology can help you become a good speaker. These apps can help you to make your listener hook on to you.

Here are the List of Top 5 Public Speaking Apps:

1. Virtual Speech

Have you practiced your speech in front of your friends and felt offended?

Not more, these virtual apps help you practice in front of a realistic virtual audience- without the requirement of real people. You can begin the app and insert it into your headset.

Now, with the help of virtual speech, you can speak in front of a boardroom consisting of six people to a TED audience. This is the way you can regain your confidence and make the smart move to be a great orator in the future. Instead of relying on your friends or reflection, you can suppress your anxiety. Virtual speech can help you practice your speech in front of a virtual crowd. The only you need to do is to get a smartphone and VR gear. It stimulates a realistic environment with audience and sound distractions.

2. HiveBrain Software

Meditation has become the top necessity of your modern life, hence the speaker who wants to demonstrate the best speech must also meditate. Hive brain is one of such apps that follows a great approach to Virtual Speech. Its creator follows meditation as a catalyst to target speaker anxieties. It offers the facility to hack your brain vis self- hypnosis.

It gained great popularity for the android and iPhone platforms. Since its inception in 2001, it has got published over 19 applications. It achieved notoriety from its Touch-type application and bought a greater landscape keyboard and the additional feature of spell check functionality to email on the iPhone. In the later years, it got incorporated its functionality into its email program on the device. It prides itself on publishing great quality content and problem-solving utilities.

3. ProMetronome

Who can understand a speech whose speed is as fast as light? Yes, a speaker’s pace while sharing his views matters a lot. Greater speeds reduce your credibility and make your audience confused, hence it is always better to keep a consistent speed for the complete speech.

ProMetronome is one of the great public speaking apps which helps you get assistance in getting practice in pacing. You can simply follow a simple beat, get technical and follow different paces for different sections of your speech. The speed of the talk helps you maintain an understanding with your audience. Its intuitive and simple features help you craft a great speech.

ProMetronome lets you maintain a simple beat that you can utilize yourself into. By using their Polyrhythms feature, you can train yourself to speak fast and at a medium pace respective to the requirements. This app proves beneficial for people to help master their speech.

4. PromptSmart Pro

Have you memorized an entire speech overnight? Yes, the answer will be a big no, since it’s pretty difficult to memorize the entire presentation or the speech correctly, especially when you are required to have an eye upon the complicated subject, statistics, and facts.  There is a solution to this, The founder of this app always had a great passion for business and public speaking. He served as a communications fellow at Wharton Business School where his duty was to mentor students in the art of communication. This helped him to develop PromptSmart Pro.

This app lets you utilize voice recognition when you suddenly don’t remember the script or on a tangent. Now instead of reading off your slides, you can read off your smartphone. It turns your smartphone into a teleprompter. By utilizing the voice recognition technology, it rolls off the text forward as you speak. It can identify when you run off words for speaking to public questions or to explain something further, and asks the prompter to roll according to the requirements. The best part of this is it follows your pace and doesn’t hurry you to the finish.

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5. Likeso

In your life, you would have encountered a speaker who fills the pauses with words like ” umm” or “okay”. While reading it, if you are thinking you are also one of them, then don’t worry , the Likeso app can help you.

 These words like ” likes” ” sos”” know” and a lot more are used unnecessarily and mostly distract your listeners and invite judgment.

This is where LikeSo comes in. This incredible app helps you to stop relying on filer words. This app uses voice recognition technology to help you avoid verbal habits. It keeps track of the freestyle and speaking prompt to help you learn to monitor words and pacing.

There are other two apps also which perform a similar function. Ummo (iOS and Android) records your speech and then afterward highlights the filer words which you can identify.

This app proves beneficial since you can determine your stumbling patterns and work on correcting them. As icing on the top, it lets you personalize Um counter to recognize words like “okay”, “uh” and “basically”.

The final word

Public speaking can be a daunting task, but at times a person faces a situation in which he or she has to speak to several colleagues in an office or present a detailed presentation about your projects to your clientele in the future. These apps can help you deliver a great speech. Anyways a great speaker can present his views in a better way without any fear and anxieties. The above-listed apps help you become a powerful speaker in the future. Be an inspirational speaker and make a great impact!

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