5 Programming language to kickstart your tech career in year 2021

Top 5 Programming language to kickstart your tech career in year 2021

January 7, 2022

Coding has always been a great field where the future of the technical world is dependent. Years on, the value of coding is increasing day by day. Now as we step into 2021, we must be aware of the coding languages and platforms which have always dominate with time.

Coders get a handsome salary, hence it is high time to solidify future goals of building a great promising career in programming and the world of coding.

Here are the List of Top 5 Most in Demand Programming Languages in 2021


There is a remarkable growth in lucrative opportunities in the field of Python. It proves to be a promising ground for the AI programmers, engineering, data scientists, and many more. Leverage your career in Python if you want to get started with robotics and artificial intelligence.

Top 5 Programming language

Python is always a favourite with its strong connection with data science toolkits while the other incumbents like rust and typescript are occupying more and more mindshare. It is well known for its versatility and is perhaps the most user-friendly programming language available to the coders. Similar to JavaScript, coders identify Python’s syntax as clear and intuitive which makes it a great choice and outstanding among the other languages.

By utilizing Python, you can create simple scripts, applications and even neural networks for AI. You have an advantage when you are using Python since you have numerous applications to select from.

Python will always be a great choice for coders, but make sure that Python 2 was discontinued in 2020 , make sure you choose Python 3.

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Simple syntax and easy to write are some of the features which attracts coders to utilize Ruby as one of the most popular languages. Startups always go for these features such as simple and intuitive coding, hence Ruby is always a favourite.

Top Programming Languages in 2021 - Ruby

Many successful startups like AirBnB, Shopify and Bloomberg built their websites by utilizing Ruby. It proves advantageous since Ruby on Rails web application framework is found easier as compared to other languages as professionals develop 40% faster as compared to other technologies.

Ruby allows the developers to work on the development with a solid base on the idea and walk directly into the development process.

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Java is widely used for android applications hence it has been a long standing contender for the most popular language amongst tech experts. Since it is used by Oracle, Java is made for most programmes out there, and being used on more than 7 billion devices and even supports for websites such as Amazon and Netflix. It is a great platform for mobile app development which is getting developing at a vast rate. It is one of the leading programming language which is used for website and android app development. If you are looking for a course which will help you become a full-fledged developer, then go for Java.

Java - Top Programming Language

Java is made for the applications which run on the server opposed to the cloud and is highly scalable and well suited to enterprise applications.


It’s hard to believe that SQL was first developed in 1972, despite the reason it is almost 50 years old, it is still one of the most popular languages and has never gone out of fashion.

Popular Programming Language - SQL

If you want to work on querying, storing and manipulating data then SQL is an ideal platform for the relational databases. It is suggested to directly dive into the Microsoft SQL server database instead of going through tutorials. For understanding the major concepts, you can nail down the data types, columns, rows and tables.  SQL proves great for sorting data, pulling specific data, creating reports and more.


Do you know what is the magic behind sites such as WordPress, Wikipedia and Yahoo? Just because it is mainly utilized on websites to get data out of a database. It has been one of the popular languages due to its easy integration with other languages.  It has an added advantage of being one of the older languages meaning it actually benefits from a large network of users who have produced frameworks and automation tools to make it easier to use. Several businesses are still utilizing PHP in large numbers.

PHP - Best Programming Language for Backend

This programming language is popularly known for web development and is utilized as a scripting platform. It is ideal to develop home phases, set up a server and work on some great amazing ideas. It includes several courses which allow developers to understand with the combined knowledge of PHP and Python for maximum capabilities.

Which Programming Language will succeed in Coming years?

When evaluating languages which could really take off next year, there are others in the mix including swift , Java and Rust. Swift has gained the maximum popularity, although it is really meant to serve Apple’s software ecosystem which limits its utility in special areas.

If you want to go for a dark horse for a language poised for a true breakout in upcoming years, its TypeScript. It is really advanced with additional JavaScript features. To the additional benefit, at a point when JavaScript declines in terms of market share and attention, Type Script fills that void. The race for the best programming language will always be there and this discussion will go no matter what the year.


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