Top 5 Most Valuable IT Certifications for Techies

Top 5 Most Valuable IT Certifications for Techies

January 7, 2022

Top 5 Most Valuable IT Certifications: The year 2020 has taught many lessons to the entire world especially from a career perspective. People have started realizing that in this rapidly growing tech world, there is constant pressure on improving the skill-set and boosting the credibility to uplift the career graph. Otherwise you cannot be the survival of the fittest, hence it has become the most requisite thing to upgrade yourself even if you are working in the best company or start a great career with an amazing job.

You may not believe it but it has been observed that there are various certifications which can help you gain more job opportunities and significantly gain better salary packages.  These IT certifications can be completed in a certain time period and you can leverage your skills in a single go.

Let’s dive in some of the Top IT Certifications:

1. Google Cloud Platform(GCP) Cloud Architect

This Certification certifies you the ability to work with Google Cloud technologies in enterprise and to design, develop and manage scalable and secure business solutions. It includes designing, planning, managing and provisioning, and implementation of cloud architecture. The GCP certification checks the ability to analyze and optimize various business processes, design with security and compliance in mind.

It is associated with the highest salaries in IT. Since its launch in 2017, it allows IT professionals to certify as a cloud architect on the GCP platform. For an organization to operate successfully, it is necessary to have cloud skills which are critical for any organization. Several cloud computing professionals are struggling to find qualified candidates for cloud job openings. The professionals who want to get this certificate must pass the Google Certified Professional.

2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Do you know any cloud architects? He or she might have earned certificate this certificate. AWS Certified Solutions is one of that architect- Associate validates an individual’s expertise in designing and deploying scalable systems on AWS. It is ideal for those who design cloud infrastructure, reference architectures, or deploy systems and applications.

With a surge in the demand for Amazon Web Services, there is an increase in the adoption of cloud technologies. The professionals who want to earn this certification must pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam. This exam tests your knowledge of AWS application architecture, security, and the ability to define a solution based on customer requirements. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is a prerequisite; hence it is advisable to take this exam after having years of experience in designing systems on AWS.

This certificate is necessary for AWS Solutions Architect- Professional who is required to the most pursued cloud certification this year.

3. Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Cybersecurity has become the most searched word in Google after the Covid. Yes, it is true, with the onset of this pandemic, when people started working from home, the most important concern was security. And this is cybersecurity which deals with so many concepts such as application security, data security, data secrecy, cryptography, network security, and other cyber security related concepts and skills. It is a great certification for candidates who aspire to be Cybersecurity Expert or Cybersecurity Engineer.

Software developers, tech managers, testing and various coding professionals find this study relevant to their line of work. Those who are interested in becoming cybersecurity professionals or cybersecurity engineers can earn several certifications like CISSP, CISM, CEH, CISA.

CISSP tests your ability to design, implement and manage cybersecurity programs. This exam is conducted by the International Information System Security Certifications Consortium.

CISM validates a professional’s ability to manage, design, and assess an enterprise’s information security.  If you are a professional looking out to make the move from security technologist to the security manager, then CISM turns out to be an essential certification. A high-level managerial position confirms a great level of technical competence and qualification. It is the third most popular certification which is famous among IT professionals.

Several domains must be taken care of before passing the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) exam like information security governance, information risk management, information security program development, and management and information security incident management.

4. PMP – Project Management Professional

Project Managers always wanted certified recognition which is administered by the Project Management Institute. This certification is in great demand in the industry. It offers a level of assurance for employers and customers as the project manager has relevant experience and knowledge to define, plan and deliver their projects. The PMP credential is always important in making decisions on whom to entrust the responsibilities with important organizational project initiatives.

It relies on two important factors such as project management experience and passing the PMP exam. The individuals who want to secure a degree in Project Management Professional certification, the individuals must have 35 hours of PMP related training. On an additional note, if a person who doesn’t hold a bachelor’s degree must have 7500 hours of project management experience, on the other hand, those who have a bachelor’s degree must require 4500 hours.

5. Certified Information Systems Auditor(CISA)

CISA certification validates the audit, cybersecurity skills of an organization. It was started in the year 1978, and it is listed as one of the most respected credentials on our list. Employing a CISA- certified professional is proof which an organization’s critical business assets are secured in a better way.

This certification is offered by ISACA which is mostly designed for those responsible for auditing, controlling, monitoring, and assessing the IT and business system. The professionals are examined on the expertise in the information systems audition process and the ability to report on compliance procedures and access vulnerabilities. For getting qualified in the exam, you require 5 or more years of experience in IS, auditing, control, assurance IT Security.

Unless and until you were under the rock, you will not be felt about the transformations undertaken by technology.  As a coin has its two faces, it is proving a boon or bane for everyone. Since it can be a risk factor for organizations, hence it is advisable to keep an eye on the potential threats to business objectives. There must be an expert who can identify and evaluate aspects of IT.

CRISC demonstrates the ability to identify and evaluate IT risk and offers deep insights from an overall organizational perspective. In most organizations, IT professionals lack the relevant experience and skills to conduct a valid risk analysis. Securing a CRISC certified professional on staff is a great idea to ensure risk can be properly scrutinized and business objectives can be overlooked.

CRISC certified professionals have the most common job roles as security managers and directors, but the majority of the professionals who cleared this exam also work in information security, security engineer, and security architect.

To achieve this certification, four domains are mostly covered such as IT risk identification, IT risk assessment, risk control, monitoring, and reporting.

The Final Conclusion

So, these are several prominent technical certifications that you must consider in the year 2021 as per your requirements. Each one of these courses is a great learning option for every beginner and working professional to accomplish their dreams. Step out and leverage your skills.


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