Top 10 Clubhouse Alternatives For Android and iOS

Top 10 Clubhouse Alternatives For Android and iOS

January 7, 2022

It’s surprisingly amazing how our lives travel from one app to another and sincere binge-watching. We are trapped on the screen which welcomes us into an alternate self-consumed world of social media apps. Apparently, the constant need for uniqueness makes us work relentlessly in trying to build a network, through these apps we find a way to be recognized in society.

What a drastic change! from traveling all the way, leading to miles in presence of a loved one to creating an alternate house of people filled with screenshots of video calls, also chat room, and hushed audio. Audio! Huh! Does this word remind you of something?

Absolutely, it’s Clubhouse, a great app where you connect with people from any part of the world through audio chat. Isn’t it cool? Of course, it is. The play store is flooded with these good apps.

What is Clubhouse?

What is Clubhouse?

There are millions of people engaged in this platform because of its unique idea. The invite-only app can be downloaded on IOS and android phones, people can create voice chat rooms that can be joined by anyone. It was launched in 2021 for Android.

So, is clubhouse the invite-only app meaning an invite from an existing user is the only fun app for you? If you have this perception then hang on to this article, be ready to be proven wrong, you’ll find yourself downloading better alternatives of the clubhouse app. Scroll down and keep reading.

1)    Discord:-

Launched in 2015 app was originally built for gamers diverged into a community platform for artist, writer to singers has grown its edges of success in the pandemic as people tried to keep them engage and build network virtually.

This app has various servers with numerous channels of different niches. In every server have many channels for every topic like chatting, food picture, gaming and so on. If you are passionate about your artistic skills then you are in the right place, discord is for you as it allows you to build a network all over the world.

All you need to do is either visit the official site of discord or type your interest topic and discord server “topic (discord server)”. You’ll be stunned to see the channels available and how can create your server for free deciding the topic/niche of your interest.

Another interesting thing about discord is that it can be integrated with other apps like YouTube and Spotify. Like any other chatting app discord will allow you to chat, voice chat, and video. This can be a great alternative if you are trying to keep yourself connected with people of the same interest and passion.

2)    Twitter Spaces:-

Spaces are great for you to find yourself filled with the ability to create a network. Launched in 2020 the app is available for IOS and android has live audio chat and the greatest rivalry for the clubhouse, the underrated alternate of Clubhouse.

The live chat can be joined by users through and create/host the audio chat room which specifically means space. Only a limited number of users can join the Twitter space for now. All you need to do is share about the space that you are going to conduct on Twitter. Moreover, you can share the tweet in your space with a community of users and tell them about how you are going to conduct space and why. Anyone can join the space and anyone can host the space it’s easy to use and understand. Apart from all of this, you can also choose the speaker, from the people who joined the space and willing to speak with the audience about the topic then the host can allow the same.

The host also has the option to remove or block a person who joined the space, it’s safe, secure, and comforting too. The features of the app are easily understandable and can be used for many good things. If you are looking for an alternative to the clubhouse, in that case, Twitter spaces might be the right app for you.

3)    Telegram voice chat:-

Telegram voice chat, another in the row of the clash (apps) for the clubhouse. This is an elaborated or added feature in the telegram app. Telegram has already millions of download and loved apps because of its very unique and inviting features. It is different from the clubhouse as it is limited to a group of people. First, you need to create a group to start voice chat. Unlike clubhouse, it cannot be accessed by anyone outside the group. The telegram 2.0 will also add features like recording live chats, access to people in the voice chat. The admin can host the voice chat by updating the new version of the telegram available on the plays tore for IOS and android. If you are not in a mood to shift to new apps then you can enjoy the telegram voice chat feature. Telegram never fails to impress you with its ideas and improvisations, hang in there!

4)    Leher:-

Originated in India, Leher was launched in 2018. It has gained the attention after clubhouse entered the stadium. The audio chat-only app is the new generation app that excites users. Other than this the app has both audio-video options to host the chat. It is available for everyone, all you need to search for your interest and join the chat where you’ll virtually meet and talk to like-minded people who have similar passions and interests.

Majorly all the applications can be easily downloaded from the play store available for IOS and android, after installation you can sign using your Facebook or Google account and enter the OTP for confirmation. Create your account specifically based on interests and more. The app presents helpful suggestions to join the rooms hosted by professionals, experts, entrepreneurs, etc. Later on, you may also host your show where people can join the room and you get to be the expert. Isn’t it great?

5)    Spoon:-

The South Korea-based app is developed by Spoon Radio inc. The users are allowed to host live streams or join the live stream with this app. It has three options to live, cast and talk. You can also start podcasts, music rooms. This is also monetizable just like YouTube by the creators. With the above-mentioned cast bar on the app, the listeners can spoon you a gift that can be redeemed as cash. And boom! you earned money with your podcast and got a good audience base. You can have a great experience if you are looking out for an opportunity to live-stream your show. Also, you can interact with DJs and listen to thrilling stories. Spoon already has 30 million users and counting more. Like any other app, you can search for your interest and you’ll be available with many options to explore and spend time on the app.

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6)    Facebook Live audio rooms

Facebook has been working on a new feature that will comprise the features of Instagram live and clubhouse. Finally, they have completed their work and announced to launch the feature. Facebook audio rooms is now an exceptional feature that allows its users to have a conversation over a single topic on a broad platform. You can add up to 50 speakers at a time. Another feature consists of is that it gets an option to support fundraisers where the speakers and listeners can directly donate. This one feature marks its difference from the clubhouse. The added feature to the live room is providing listeners to enable caption and join hand to be a part of the live room. However, the feature is available to groups on FB for IOS along with public figures.

7)    Fireside:-

This another amazing alternative to the clubhouse app is surprisingly a made-in-India app. The chingari app founders launched this app. The chingari app was a great move after the ban of tiltok in India and grabbed the audience of tiktok, which is huge!

The looks of the fireside app are quite similar to the clubhouse and the operating methods are also strongly the same.

As of now, it has provided its users with three sections namely, explore active chat rooms, search for communities, and talking of current struggling times, it also reaches out for Covid help and resources. The users can register with their mobile no. or Twitter id.  Anyone around the globe can have access to the meet and talk as every audio chat is publicly accessible by anyone. The stunning feature of this app that makes it user-friendly is that it is available in different Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada. How great it is to explore an app in your language?

8)    Anchor:-

So now this one is for people looking out to start their own podcast without any investment. This is a collaborative app of Spotify which is absolutely free if you want to create your podcast. It pays you if anyone is listening to your podcast, the payments are by ads sponsored by the anchor. It has a great feature where you can encompass a voice message from your listeners and record it remotely. Apart from this you can distribute your podcast with other apps like Spotify, google podcast, and apple podcast. All you have to do is plan out your podcast, record and post it to be listened to by users, and invest your time.

9)    Stereo:-

The clubhouse alternative allows its users to host and join audio-only live chat. Like clubhouse, it is a global virtual platform that allows its user to enter the audio chat and host it. Anyone from the world can access the chat. You can choose your interest to stream and also follow the celebrities and influencers who talk about a specific topic that may indulge and benefit you. If you are finding a way out to open up about your thinking, routine, or anything related to your passion then just download the app create id, and host the show. Many will join you and this would an uplifting experience for you. The feature of audio-only is comfortable for people who are anxious in video chat. Although the motive of any app is entertainment, they are a gate to start your professional journey building a base audience and looking out for like-minded people. So what are you waiting for?

10)  Linked in clubhouse clone:-

Considering the significance of the clubhouse app many established virtual platform has taken over the idea and are planning to launch a parallel app to compete for success. Twitter already launched the same virtual outlet for users and following the trend entered linked in. Linked In, the existing platform in the industry for people looking for relative employment and employed can easily find what they are looking for. It has millions of people registered and running successfully.

Now, linked in has announced the launch of its platform similar to the clubhouse, the audio live chat rooms for professionals. It’s still not decided when the app will enter the market but it will soon. Not Interpreting the regular service more virtual platforms like Spotify, they are all set to enter the trend by launching the app

Some common FAQs about the apps:-

Q1) how can we use such an app?

Ans) There is no struggle while using these apps, you’ll find them on the play store. After installing you need to register with your mobile no., Google account, or Facebook id. Create your profile by entering something about you in your bio, specific interests, and more. You will be required to give permission but all these apps a secure and reliable.

Q2) Are all of these apps free to use?

Ans) Yes, like any other social media app it is a social interaction site where you can meet and talk and build a network, they 100% free to use. There are no charges.

Q3) What about the bugs or glitches of this app?

Ans) This virtual platform has a team handling all the bugs resolving the issues faced by the users. Frequent updates of the app are being managed by the team and no doubt they update new features for a better experience. You can update the recent update from the play store. So, the users will not go through problems like regular bugs or glitches.

Q4) Are these apps limited to any region or country?

Ans) No, most of the virtual apps are available globally to connect everyone in one place. You’ll be able to engage with people from different places without any hesitation and traveling. Many professionals are hosting chat rooms for people. You can join the chat room by the shared link, or by search, or if the screen suggests you join as per your interest.

The listed virtual platforms are worth trying. The clubhouse has already gained a lot of attention but there exist more such and better options to replace it if you are looking for something new ignoring the hype created in the audience. Although clubhouse is a great application, you can shift on alternatives too. Many existing apps in the market are ready to launch or have launched collaborative apps for users.


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