Tesla is ready to strike the Indian market in 2021

Tesla is ready to strike the Indian market in 2021

January 7, 2022

With a nod from Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, Tesla is ready to incept its sales in the Indian market. The long wait of India has come to an end with this verdict. In early 2021 Tesla will set its sales network in the country and the further expansion of this great brand with manufacturing in India depends on the market response of the initial phase. Speculations epitomize a rapid entry of Tesla with an expedited growth in the Indian market right from January 2021, but a tweet by the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk created controversy on the information of Tesla entering the Indian market in January next year. He tweeted that Tesla is targeting the Indian market but not in early 2021.

The first launch of Tesla in the Indian market: Model 3

After years of efforts, finally, Musk has given a green signal to the Indian market and the commencement of Tesla India is most like to be incepted with Tesla Model 3. This is one of the most economic models of this company which has been kept on hold for four years. This model promotes the safety of the vehicle and has been designed and developed with the perfect blend of steel and aluminum making the structure robust with maximum strength. This model has been tested on various parameters and in a rood test it has proven its forte by enduring its weight which can be counted approx. the weight of two African elephants.

Remarkable Features of Tesla Model 3 thriving overseas:

Features of Tesla model 3 are still in a dilemma but the features have gained a huge fan base. This automobile is available with single and double motor options-all wheel drive giving a range of speed 0-100 kph in under 4.5 seconds with the highest performance. Other features tempting customers are 353 mi range on a single charge, super-fast charging, 160 m of forward-facing radar simplifying the view of distant objects, autopilot advanced safety and convenience features, and more.

Tesla: The leader

In the automaker industry, Tesla is been crowned as the global leader for designing the best electronic vehicles but also it is a giant brand in the world of self-driving vehicles. In the year 2019, Tesla introduced HW3 which completely replaced HW2 and HW2.5. Today’s autopilot vehicles are backed up with the same technology. Tesla is ready to bring a persistent revolution with the driver-less electronic vehicle. This brand is playing at its front foot to cover the entire automobile market and lead over the legacies.  

Technologies making Tesla a giant autopilot car designer:

With every technological growth, Tesla is always a step ahead with its advanced features and has been leading the automotive sector. Tesla Model 3 is abundant with the latest technologies, few of those are:

  • Safety: A crucial feature offered by Model 3 is its safety structure designed with the most robust combination of aluminum and steel possessing a capacity to uphold a huge tensile strength and also has been undergone through roof crush test.
  • Performance: The dual-motor all-wheel drive is designed with the quickest acceleration that can range from zero to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds. The vehicle has been incorporated with aerodynamics that allows the top speed of 160 mph. The dual-motor is employed in the automotive to maintain quick traction and torque regardless of the weather conditions.
  • All-wheel drive: All-wheel drive works on two important motors that offer maximum durability with reduced maintenance. The all-wheel-drive technology can be controlled digitally giving better traction control and handling.
  • Autopilot: This feature relieves you from the burdensome driving task by automating the driving and making it safe. The car is scaled up with the forward-facing radar that can detect elements within the radius of 160m and also ultrasonic sensors to detect the speed, velocity of other objects occurring during a ride.

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