Tableau integrates Einstein Analytics

Tableau Integrates Einstein Analytics, becomes the analytics bridge in the Salesforce ecosystem

January 7, 2022

Tableau Integrates Einstein Analytics: Salesforce, the global leader in CRM is stepping up its efforts to integrate Tableau Platform and Einstein Analytics, renamed as Tableau CRM to deliver the best data analytics platform out there. Before we discuss Einstein Analytics, let’s dig into it:

Einstein Analytics is a cloud-based platform for data analytics and data visualization which help businesses to outgrow themselves, by supporting it in the decision -making process. Einstein Analytics offers powerful insights by utilizing actionable insights and predictive analytics capabilities. With the help of Einstein Analytics, you can view not only Salesforce but also external sources as well.

Re-branding as Tableau CRM

Tableau integrated the first such integration, Einstein Discovery in Tableau, this integration will be gradually reflected in the product. It enables businesses to leverage machine augmented capabilities. It includes the automatic discovery of relevant patterns, actionable, AI-powered insights, suitable explanation, and powerful analytics.

This discovery dashboard is equipped with AI technology to generate key insights and assumptive models which help businesses look into the future and recommend the next course of action with extra knowledge and effort.

Under this plan, Tableau CRM offers integrated analytics and AI experience within Salesforce’s CRM workflow and be a part of Salesforce Customer 360. With icing on the cake, it enables customers to gain insight from any data with the help of data exploration and visual analytics.

Einstein Analytics offers AI-powered analytics embedded natively in Salesforce in order to help people work more efficiently. These analytics helps to receive suggestions and recommendations on a timely basis. 

Over the past few years, Einstein Analytics has been popular among Salesforce users. After its introduction in 2017, with Salesforce users with self-service and AI-powered analytics capabilities. Einstein Analytics has allowed users to analyze data without the need for hiring data science experts. It is used to obtain predictive and prescriptive insights.

Major features of Tableau CRM:

1. AI-Driven Analytics Platform

Tableau CRM helps to understand data and get AI-based guidance on future actions. It helps to spot the trends, identify the events, relevant suggestions to take action.

2. Pre- Built Data Management Tools

With the help of Tableau CRM, every user can effortlessly connect to a large number of data sources. Users can collect data from external systems and unify each and everything on one platform- these connectors help users to build complete visualizations and dashboards.

3. AI-Powered Predictions and Recommendations 

Tableau makes the automated discovery of trends and predictions based upon AI which makes Tableau loved by analysts and marketers. Predictive Analytics help users to look up data also offers narrative explanations, making decision making easy and quick for everyone.

4. Build AI-Powered Apps from Scratch

Utilize the Tableau CRM platform to develop AI-powered business intelligence apps. With the help of built-in templates, visualization, designer, and pre-built analytics, a team can build a customized app within a few clicks. It allows for a better experience that is tailored to your needs.

5. Easy Integration 

Tableau CRM offers ease of integration with third-party apps and tools. Sharing of dashboards and records makes easy collaboration among teams. The notifications of powerful embedded analytics and real-time alerts help teams speed up self-service analytics and actions.

It simplifies analytics and makes jobs easier for every team starting from sales, marketing, HR, and analysts. It helps every industry and job role with advanced and easy data analytics. Retail, healthcare, financial, and government bodies are the industries that gain the most.

Icing on the Cake

Tableau CRM is an analytics platform and is the new name of Einstein Analytics of Salesforce. This latest form of CRM combines both visualization capabilities and AI. While maintaining the flow and processes for both platforms, it results in a seamless experience for users.

This largest acquisition of Salesforce was intended to make Tableau the analytics brand for Salesforce and integrate every Einstein Analytics’ advanced capabilities -including predictive and prescriptive analytics into Tableau’s offerings. The integration will be finished in multiple stages. This integration will be Einstein Discovery in Tableau expected in early 2021. It is an AI and machine learning platform for predictive and prescriptive analysis.

Data Analytics has become a top priority to make decisions that can drive business success. Tableau maximizes the potential of data to make real-time decisions that make a business grow to the maximum. Tableau CRM is powered with powerful features that not only help beyond the data but establish data-driven culture across organizations.


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