NOSH: A Robot that prepares scrumptious meals in no time

NOSH: A Robot That Prepares Scrumptious Meals in No Time

January 7, 2022

The robot that cooks food:

Technology and modern life go hand in hand. In every industry, technology is creating unexpected wonders! Some time back, we could not think technology can even sell or make food by itself, though technology played a significant role in packaging and manufacturing. Robots are not a new invention but robots cooking food? NOSH, the robot or a device that automated cooking, is operated through Artificial Intelligence. This is something exciting and unknown for the mass. Cloud Restaurants/ kitchens have also come into the market and are showing a diversified role in complying with food and technology together. The response from in the market is awe-inspiring and encouraging for new entrants.

The robot that cooks food

A thought of Simple living:

YatinVarachhia, is a Co-founder of the Bengaluru startup Euphotic Labs, introduced NOSH to the world, the robot which converts the unexpected turn into reality. 34-year-old Yatin is from the village of Gujarat. His experience during his student life and work-life in the USA made him crave fresh home cook food and the thought of the easiest way to get it. NOSH is a Robot that cooks food. It makes our busy life much more accessible and cooking–free. It is seen that taking out time to cook a healthy meal after a tedious day sounds painful even to people who have a passion for cooking. Many working people depend solely on restaurants for a delightful platter, which is not a healthy practice.

The aroma of fresh spices and veggies or the non-veg, getting cooked creates excruciating hunger. When this hunger is presented with a person’s most craved food cooked healthily without the effort of cooking, it’s a boon or simply magic.

The Journey:

In 2016-2017, Pranav Raval, Amit Gupta, Sudeep, and Yatin concluded these problems could be solved if a device could cook food. After consistent assiduous efforts of three years following six protocols and many changes, they invented NOSH. This device could cook 120+food items without affecting the quality or taste of the food. And this tedious task gets completed in just three simple steps. The device has 200 built-in recipes.

NOSH, The Kitchen wonder: There was no other product in the market that matched NOSH, which means there is no reference product. Therefore, thinking of building it was a challenge. Different food requires a different process of cooking and the device is taught about these intricacies of cooking. The government as well as some investors supported the invention of this new innovative product.

  • NOSH is a small device about the size of a Microwave operating with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence).
  • With a stainless steel finish and a weight of only 22kgs, NOSH is a beauty for any kitchen serving freshly cooked, hassle-free meals.
  • It has different slots having containers for oil, spices, water, and a tray for the main ingredient of the dish where one can place meat, veggies, fish, or paneer/tofu.
  1. There is a Pan and a stirrer.
  2. There is an exhaust filter or a chimney.
  3. There is a water and oil container
  4. There is a spice tray
  5. There is an ingredient tray.
  • The food automatically gets cooks accordingly to the instructions commanded for the particular recipe, without much human involvement.
  • One more exciting feature about NOSH is it is operated via mobile application. The food lover has to decide on a recipe, which can also be customized.
  • As the machine was introduced, keeping in mind that the nutritious value remains unaffected, the users can track the calories of their dishes being cooked.
  • Steaming hot and freshly cooked food gets ready in just a few minutes.
  • 200 recipes can be commanded through the mobile app.
  • The recipes are handcrafted by 5star chefs.
  • Moreover, the recipes can be customized according to the user’s taste buds.

The variations:

Good food is something that brightens up any mood. We all would love to see some Rajsahi spread of the food on our dining table every day. But this is a dream for the modern generation due to the hectic time-bound routine. People avoid guests and relatives because of the fear of cooking and no rest or break during the weekends. The new generation does not even want to enter the kitchen and try this tedious work of cooking. For many such reasons, our traditional dishes are lost somewhere.

NOSH, as we have already understood, is Magic. A food lover can have multiple spreads at the same time just with a simple command.

  • It is a relief for housewives as well, allowing them some ‘me time.
  • There are some fussy eaters for them as well. NOSH will be their best friend.
  • Party mongers, for families who have guests constantly surround at odd times. From breakfast to dinner, there are many varieties of Food that food lovers can choose from.
  • There will be no more skipping of meals and Food in time.
  • There is no more same boring and simple Food every day.

The best part of  NOSH is the taste of the food prepared by NOSH, and that of a human cannot be differentiated.  The taste remains consistent every time it prepares a dish. The authenticity and the emotional feeling that comes while eating home-cooked food is no more a big deal. NOSH specializes in making the traditional dishes that some people crave but can only have at festivals or wait for vacations.


Presenting NOSH is no more than a celebration time. But due to COVID-19 situations, the marketing and launch of NOSH were not as planned. And for this, the startup faced few problems. On-field trials, especially in the USA, maybe there post COVID-19, thereby establishing a product line.

The target customers are in the USA. Besides, the survey says more than four million Indians are looking for freshly cooked food and prefer at the right time of the meals, which would give a great response. Consumers in Asia, the UK, and around the world are waiting for such a device.

  • In the present pandemic situation, what is, are food automation possibilities?
  • The COVID -19 has actually opened up the possibility of the automated food option and made the process easier. Due to the physical problems and behavioral changes post COVID, people have understood the importance of healthy, hygienic, fresh cooked food. Most families avoid food from outside. Families who are affected by COVID and are unable to cook are also in need of healthy food.
  • Kids of the families demand restaurant food or new dishes every time. Managing this is a problem faced in every family. With NOSH, there are unlimited options of restaurant-style or traditional-style food anytime in the day. From snacks to soups, Chinese or continental, rice or bread, Indian or tandoor, lip-smacking French fries have made the kids satisfy their taste buds, knowing the importance of home-cooked food. And the 3 step cooking is so easy that even kids can prepare their craved food.
  • Managing the new Normal; work from home, and the daily chores of the household work leaves no quality time and energy for the family. NOSH is a cooking companion for all such people, NOSH prepares food quickly, and the entire family can enjoy the delicious food together.

A budget-friendly device: 

This magic addition for your kitchen comes at a pocket pinch of just 50,000 INR.

Purchasing NOSH:

Pre-booking in India and outside India is readily available from various sites. NOSH has a website with all the required information in detail.

How to Operate:

Operating the device is extremely easy, as it is mobile-driven, app-oriented. The user has to select the options in the app and place the ingredients in the machine; the device does rest. Besides, there are user manuals to make it easier. 200+ recipes, including traditional home-style cooking to 5 star rated chef recipes and continental choices, are a click away from breakfast to dinner.

Does it work without the internet?

There is a manual display in the machine. The user can select the preferred dish from the manual display option using the one-way interface. Once this is done, the command to cook is given. Any dish that has been prepared earlier gets automatically in the database of the machine. Visa-versa, the recipe list is always updated from time to time. The user can download these recipes, and the recipe gets stored in the database of the machine to be used offline.

The Vision of the founder team was to present an effortless food experience that would make foodies satisfied with freshly cooked food according to their taste preference and healthy lifestyle, keeping in mind the hectic daily schedule.

NOSH can be regarded as a real Blessing for food lovers. Now from the simplest French fries or soup to complicated versions, Biriyanies or continental is just a command away. You command, and a delightful platter is presented in no more.


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