how to use salesforce marketing cloud

How to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

January 7, 2022

In a matter of months, the COVID-19 pandemic has overturned global business in several ways. The work from home has allowed for every local insurance agencies to multinational corporations to operate. Cloud-based tools demand has skyrocketed during this pandemic. This transition to remote work on such a massive scale would not have been possible without the prevalence of cloud computing. Remote system access, video conferencing would have come to a halt without cloud computing.  Cloud Computing has emerged as one of the savings gracing options for several businesses during this pandemic.

Known for its flexibility, reliability, and security, cloud computing has become critical for companies to maintain operations, but also to continue serving their customers. Salesforce was founded to be a promising cloud computing software as a service (SaaS) model.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a platform that offers marketers a rich set of tools that are specifically designed and curated to interact and manage the brand’s interaction with current and potential customers. In other words, it can be defined as a customer relationship management(CRM) platform for marketers that allows them to create and manage relationships and campaigns with customers.

Salesforce has emerged to be one of the largest cloud platform providers in the world. Their marketing automation, customer relationship management, and other software’s give them a ton of advantages over their competitors.

Besides enabling the various marketers to deliver accurate messages to the right people through the right channel, it offers various functionalities.

Salesforce includes:

  1. Contact management tools

2. Journey Builder – This marketing automation solution is utilized to create customized customer journeys through multiple channels.

3. Email Studio– It performs customized campaigns of email marketing.

4. Mobile Studio– Helps to leap mobile devices and enables marketing interactions via SMS, push notifications, and messaging.

5. Google Analytics 360 – This tool allows users to gain deep insights from the customers to understand them better and understand the next marketing actions.

6. Social Studio – Creating customized campaigns can be done using this tool, which helps to turn social media followers into potential leads.

7. Audience Studio– It assists us to capture data from any source and unify all data in one single place. To create the content according to the niche audience, it is a great source.

8. Advertising Studio– Salesforce Solution can be utilized to manage the acquisition, re-targeting, and alignment campaigns.

9. Interaction Studio– If you want to connect with your customers in real-time, then Salesforce marketing cloud can prove beneficial.

10. Data Studio– Discovering the audience, acquiring data from them can be easily undertaken by using Data Studio.

Salesforce enables us to do the following things:

1. To make each interaction related, Salesforce supports data and Einstein artificial intelligence.

2. It builds a two-way and real-time engagement in need of a customer.

3. To gain a consolidated view of a customer, it connects known and unknown profiles to understand more about it.

4. Increase customer loyalty by measuring, optimizing, and reporting marketing performance.

Enhance your marketing with the help of Salesforce

The initial step is to integrate and connect everything. Creating a seamless customer experience is hassle-free work now since it can be easily done by using a unified CRM platform to connect with each customer.

  1. Personalization at its best: Be it B2C, B2B, personalized intelligence is used with intelligence across each marketing channel.
  2. Get automatic updates: Customers are informed about each update and every issue is fixed on time.
  3. Enhance your marketing: Your marketing can be impoverished by utilizing several tools to engage customers across the journey, which results in good results in the marketing front.
  4. Reliable-Undoubtfully, you can rely upon Salesforce, which provides a secure relationship with its customers.

Why is there a demand for Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud stands out among other marketing clouds due to various factors:

1. It offers planning, personalization, and optimization of a customer’s journey.

2. Customer journey can be easily mapped across several devices, channels, and customer life cycle stages.

3. Integration is an easy process with Sales Cloud, Salesforce CRM, etc.

4. Offers deeper customer insights.

With these beneficial factors, Salesforce’s marketing cloud has overpowered other marketing clouds such as Adobe Marketing Cloud, IBM marketing cloud, and Oracle marketing cloud. It stands second after the Adobe marketing cloud in the total market share for the Salesforce marketing cloud.

Salesforce marketing cloud underlines these four bullet points the virtues of its marketing cloud platform:

1. Profound knowledge of the customer – joining several dots makes it easy for a customer to connect data from different sources and devices to obtain a single unified vision of the customer.

2. Artificial Intelligence is a topping on the cake- With the help of the Einstein tool, the marketing cloud allows the combination of data to make interactions more organized. Hence it helps to create a customized communication based upon their relationship with the company.

3. Two-way engagement- Salesforce marketing offers insights to every customer to gain awareness during the complete process.

4. Analysis- Marketing Cloud performs all measurements of the customer journey through different channels and devices.

How to use Salesforce

If you are a newbie, the following instructions can help you create a Salesforce account:

You will get a sign-up form and you can fill in the required details such as name, company name.

Username must be written in the format-

The next step is to click on the option- Sign me up.

You will receive a verification mail where you can click on the link, sign in, and change the password.

When you sign in, you can view the dashboard. There are two versions – Classic and Lightning Version.

Classic Version

Object, Chatter- It is a social forum where you can enter your questions, Libraries, Content

Lightning Version is the new version of Salesforce. It has a better UI and a better visual appearance.

In the Home Section, you can view today’s tasks, events, and even track records. The best part of the lightning version is that the dashboard can be completely customizable. You can align every social account too so that you can keep an eye on them too.

Salesforce is useful for people who want to build an app in a jiffy.

Click on the setup. A new window will be opened, where you can understand what kind of app to be created.

Click on “Create Menu”, you will get the form where you can name the object and fill in the required details.

After filling in the details and the deployment status. Click on the Save option.

The possibilities are endless, provided you are well versed with the Salesforce environment which requires specialization and deep subject-matter expertise.

Moving ahead towards a better future

Marketers face challenges in creating and maintaining product awareness. Most organizations face the problem of a lack of enough resources. In these situations, the Salesforce marketing cloud comes to the rescue and offers an out-of-the-box solution for organizations to achieve business goals.

Eventually, the world will emerge from this period of remote work, but the business ways will be transformed. The stats show that the companies deploying Marketing cloud have an average increase in Marketing ROI, enhanced lead volumes, and faster campaign deployment. Salesforce marketing cloud has a continuous path of growth, hence there will be more adoption across the globe in the future.


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