Clubhouse App Development Cost

How Much Does it cost to develop an app like Clubhouse?

January 7, 2022

What is Clubhouse App all About?

Well, Clubhouse was previously an iOS-based application only. Also, it supports mobile operating systems for both iOS and Android. The Clubhouse is an advanced application developed by experts that offers you the latest customized features. Consecutively, it consists of highly developed technology that has smooth and convenient functionality for the users. Also, it has excellent in-built features that will drive the users to choose it. Apps similar to the Clubhouse app is solely built for iOS devices that are available in the market. It is more durable with functionality. Also, it has recently gained quite a popularity with buzz among popular magazines like- Vogue, Forbes, CNBC and the New York Times.

Features of Clubhouse

Firstly, to build an application like Clubhouse, understand its features. It will eventually give you an idea and analysis to develop your app.

Clubhouse Key Features

So listed below are Clubhouse Key features:

  • Clubhouse Invitation

This is an exclusive feature of Clubhouse. Accordingly, the app has highly built features like inviting people and proposing a topic for interaction. However, you cannot simply download the app from the application store; you must have the invitation received by the existing member of the app. Every user is granted two invites. You can also access Clubhouse through virtual waiting list registration or buy an invite from eBay or other places.

  • Clubhouse Onboarding

This is the next step after the invite step. Consecutively, it follows the Sign-in process using your username, password, and profile photo. For beginners, the app won’t allow you to unmute yourself in any interactions. Also, you have to ask for the group moderator’s permission to unmute yourselves. However, if you are the one to create the room, then the app won’t mute you as you are the moderator.

  • Clubhouse Sound Streaming

One of the most standout features of this application is sound streaming. The discord application rivals this feature. Simultaneously, it has the unique part of connecting with people through voice/ audio notes on the internet. Hence, this is an excellent app for gamers, business purposes, School meetings, etc.

  • Social interaction:

The app has a great influence on people for creating a better communication medium. Also, it allows you to connect with people and interact better. The best part about it is that you have a wide range of topics other than your niche to take a look at and get involved in a conversation. Topics on Clubhouse aren’t specific, and anyone can propose a subject of their own choice.

  • Clubhouse Rooms

You can create a spontaneous room to hold a discussion and propose a topic. Anyone can make a room on Clubhouse and control its privacy settings. Also, you can leave the room for everyone to interact or turn on the privacy settings. Subsequently, the feature has become more effective in today’s world. Due to lockdown, most of the industries adapted ‘Work from home. To enhance this communication and have a workplace, this feature serves as the perfect choice. You can share and record the data here.

  • User Profile and log in- 

The user profile is a section on the Clubhouse app where you can view your information such as your name, age, contact number, and other instructions. You can also add or view the links to your social media accounts here like- LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Meanwhile, the login or Sign up section allows users to log into Clubhouse using their social media account. (Remember the only users who can view the Sign-in page is the one having an invite. Others will have to standby in the waiting room).

  • Moderator Rights of App

A Moderator to handle discussion makes the app a more reliable choice to opt for! It is an essential feature for any app. The group admin must have access to control the group activity and monitor the speech following the interaction. It will make the app a safer choice.

  • Reminders and Activity

As the conversations are not recordable in the Clubhouse, a feature for reminding people about the event or say the meeting is sent to the participants. You can later check out the profiles of admins and other participants involved in the contestation through your Activity log.

  • Feed and Upcoming section

The feed section is where you can stream the ongoing topics and discussions. Users can view the event topic and the number of the audience involved in the interaction. It is a great platform to explore, discover, and learn. The upcoming section is solely designed for your convenience. All the upcoming events that are on-trend or the events you have marked the reminder will appear here. Press the bell icon to receive the notification for the event you would like to participate in the future.

To develop an app like Clubhouse, you must take care of the following factors:

1. Team of Experts

To build an app that consists of customized features, you must have a group of technology experts and the best app developers. They have efficient skills and knowledge about application coding.

2. Location

The geographic location (your country) where you have decided to launch and build the app matters a lot. Every nation follows different guidelines, taxes, and several other factors.

3. Budget Planning

To build such an advanced app like ‘Clubhouse’, you should have a proper budget plan to execute your project smoothly. Effective financial planning helps the developers and the other team members to work on a definite and absolute goal. Also, your budget will decide to have skilled developers on your team.

4. Technology

After cost, the next important thing to build the app is the technology and advancement of the app.  Always choose the best technology and features to build your app. The modern world wants unique and development in the newest technologies, making your choices depending upon it.

5. Customized Features

It is all in vain if you do not have epic customization for your app. Get the most delicate customized features to boost the performance and the users. Mostly the users choose an application based on its outlook, functions, and performance efficiency. So, it would be best if you took note of all this.

6. Market Research

Be it any development or other project, data analyst stays a crucial factor everywhere. Without data, you would not figure out your target and goals, and further plans. Data analysis can help you figure out many factors like marketing, budget, the audience to target, investment, etc.

7. Target Relevant Audience

It is crucial to target an audience relevant to your app to aim. With the knowledge from your Market Research, you probably know the quintessential factors to consider before you build the app. Having the idea of the audience you want to target will help you work on the additional features, the outlook of the application, functions, and working.

8. Mobile Operating System

Choosing the right mobile operating system for your application is vital. Generally, there are two operating systems,  i.e. Android and iOS. Android has a wide range of users all over the world compared to iOS. However, iOS apps are supposedly said to have high-functionality features that serve better than Android applications.

9. Study

Study thoroughly about your competitors before building the app. It will provide you with a conclusion about why the top-rated app is in demand. Learning the competitors will help you realize where you have to work and what extraordinary things you could do to make your app more reliable.

10. Dedicated App Developers

A team of dedicated developers is necessary for the project to be a success. You don’t need a massive group of developers, only a few who have expertise and experience in the Clubhouse app development or similar apps. The UX/UI designers play an essential role here.

Requirements to build the app

After going through the above ten factors essential for Clubhouse app development or similar, the next step has adequate requirements.

Resources to build an app like Clubhouse are mentioned below:

  • Project Manager

A project manager is the one to carry on and manage the entire development of the App building. He will look over the progress of the project and will be responsible for it.

  • Android or iOS Developer

Depending upon the application you want to build, Android or iOS, you have to hire the developers depending upon this factor. As discussed before, iOS users may not be available in a broad population like Android, but the performance and functionality differ in both.

  • Backend Developer

The responsibility of a backend developer is to maintain the technology required for the components essential to enable the user-facing side of the website. The backend developer uses the programming code helpful for the front-end developers later on.

  • Business Analyst

The role of a business analyst is to study the competitors, analyze and propose the marketing strategies for their organizations. It’s the responsibility of a business analyst to earn profit and achieve success in the business. For any organization, industry, or business, an analyst with the current market knowledge is vital to plan investment, sponsorship and the project budget.

  • UX/UI designer

The UX/UI designer has an essential role in designing the application. Developing a user-friendly application with attractive and high technology customized features in apps like Clubhouse is the role of the application designer. Data collection to build the app, evaluate it, research the market stats, investigate the competitor’s growth and development tactics, etc., are the responsibilities that fall on UX/UI designers.

Cost to Develop an App like Clubhouse

The costing to develop an app similar to Clubhouse depends upon the options you opt to hire. Let me explain you in the following way:

1. Freelance App Developers:

The cheapest option to complete your project is to build an app like Clubhouse Business Model. It is convenient as the freelancer app developers don’t need any authority for every discussion with their clients. Hence, better communication brings better and faster results. Also, it will save time from constant business meetings. AS freelancers don’t have to pay company taxes and other bills, the charges are comparatively cheaper than other options available. The capital saved here can be used somewhere else for your project. The cost to develop an app like Clubhouse by hiring a freelancer ranges from dollars 5000 to 20000 dollars.

2. IT Development Company

Hiring the local IT/ Software Development near you is the most effective and time-saving job. It is a professional way to execute your plans in progress. Following professionalism, it assures you the correct deadline. Also, it takes minimal time to complete the app development. An It Development may cost much more than Freelancer and Outsource. The price range varies on the scale of $15000 to $80,000 or higher.

3. Outsource IT/ Software Development

It consists of a moderate budget and a well-planned strategy. Also, it is believed that audio-chat applications are sooner or later going to create a sensation in the market, so it would be wise to hire an outsourcing development organization for your project. It is a budget-friendly option. You can rely on the extravagant services offered by outsourcing and marketing firms. An outsourcing firm costs around $20000 to $150000 to build an app like Clubhouse.

How much time does it take to build an app like Clubhouse?

  1. Building an app depends upon the programmers, UX/UI designers, Project Manager, type of mobile operating system.
  2. It might take around three to four months to develop a Clubhouse business model like the app.
  3. But, if you have a skilled team of developers, chances are there that you can complete the project within 20-30 days.
  4. Also, the marketing strategy is vital to develop the app. So, the business analysts must not take long for their analysis, calculation and approach.

What happens if I create a clone app of Clubhouse?

  1. Creating an app that has the same features and functions will bring down your success rate.
  2. It will simply mean that your newly developed will rival the already existing app- Clubhouse. So, as a competitor, you will not have any additional features to beat Clubhouse, and your application will eventually receive a lesser number of users.
  3. Instead, analyze the review of people who are not satisfied with the current features and try those add-on features for developing your application.

Which Mobile Operating System does Clubhouse support?

  1. Initially, Clubhouse was built to support only iOS devices. However, recently it has enabled its functionality for the Android Operating System as well.
  2. If you have an invite from the existing Clubhouse user, you can access the app from your iTunes or Play Store.

What is the unique/standout feature of the Clubhouse App?

  1. An invite is an exceptional feature of this app. Users cannot simply start streaming the application after downloading it. You must have an ‘invite’ received from the existing users.
  2. You can also buy the ‘invite’ for Clubhouse on different sites like eBay and other websites.
  3. The features assure your security and save you from scams.


With millions of users, Clubhouse is growing insanely. It is expected to be one of the leading platforms in Marketing and Business firms as it is an audio-streaming application. Users can hold discussions over various topics, and hence, you have a wide range of opportunities to stream and explore. You will have the chance to meet the experts and amateurs with their ideas and thoughts about the topic you are interested in. Hence, this is a great learning app, though.

The app is compatible with both Android and Apple Operating System, making it a more performance-enhanced application. Many popular social media platforms and E-commerce sites have already taken a keen interest in Clubhouse; they are working to build similar add-on features on their sites as well.


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