How Much Does an app like MX TakaTak Cost

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like MX TakaTak?

January 7, 2022

Have you dived into the short video space in India? Yes, it’s not TikTok, it is Takatak. There is an increased demand for a local app called Takatak since it offers you real and fun videos that you can watch and share on social media. You can browse all types of videos ranging from dialogue dubbing, comedy, gaming, food, sports, memes, and many more.

It allows to create short videos on the go, dance videos, dub movie dialogues and share it on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms.

You might be thinking, how to create an app like Takatak. Let’s have a look at some of the important features and functionalities which must be given prior importance while creating an app like Takatak.

1. Login and Register

Initially, the first service is to permit the user to log in or register. This can be done either through social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter or simply via email or phone number.

2. Easy to use user-interface and Navigation

A simple user interface is always a favorite among the users since it reduces confusion. All you need to do is to sign up for the app to find all the trending apps.

3. Hearts and Shares

For instance, you liked a video on the Takatak app and missed following that person who created it, you can just tap on the heart symbol. These hearts are a symbol of the creator’s popularity, the moment you give heart, the videos are saved in your profile and can be easily accessed at any time. This feature has helped many users in a great way.

4. In-built music library

Takatak app is popular due to some great features and tools which allow users to utilize the music library. There is an in-built music library that offers a long list of filters to choose from like several editing tools, animations, stickers, AR effects.  For instance, if you want to capture something right away, then the background music can be added later on. The creator can select the song for lip-syncing, dance, or acts with music before starting the recording itself.

5. Sharing is more than Caring

If there is some new invention, then it must be shared. Hence Takatak completely understands this, so it allows the creator to come up with the sharing option. This sharing feature shares your video on other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, and also on email. All you need to do is to click on the “share” button.

6. Video Editors

Takatak applications allow editing videos after it gets uploaded. Every user can crop, flip, or rotate their uploaded videos and experiment with the playback music and speed. In case, if they want to crop, flip or rotate their uploaded videos in the app and select a song to lip-sync or dance from an extensive music library. After recording a video, they can select their background music.

Takatak app comes with plenty of filters and effects. The best ones are with AR effects which enable users to alter their hair and eye color and add various virtual elements to their heads such as glasses, flowers, puppy ears, and more.

7. Hashtags

Hashtags on Takatak enhance the number of followers and get into users’ recommendations and even more likes too. Several hashtags are available such as frequent hashtags, average hashtags, and rare hashtags can add.

8. Geo-location

The geolocation feature allows users to utilize the option of adding their live location when they are performing.

9. Duets

Duets feature enables people to lip-sync or dance to their favorite music with anyone on the app by just appearing on the same screen side-by-side. This feature enables video creators to create amazing Duet challenges, hence you can get higher reach and increase their money-making potential.

10. Real-time analysis and Video Preview

The Takatak users can check out data regarding their comments and likes by utilizing real-time analysis. On an additional note, it also helps to view a graph showing live broadcasters and viewers.

Factors Which affect the Development Cost of Similar Application like MX TakaTak

Several factors need to be considered such as platform, design, application features, and a team of mobile developers which can completely affect the final price of the app. Let’s dive in its details.


There are two popular platforms-iOS and Android. Hence depending upon the requirements of your niche audience and their preference, you can select the platform. With more number of people utilizing iOS versions, the app is required to be provided the right support for various screen resolutions and OS versions.


Consistent design is something that eliminates confusion.

Visual Consistency must be labeled with appealing buttons and labels.

Functional consistency: Interactive elements must be functional throughout the app.

External consistency – The design must be consistent across multiple devices. While using the app, the user can be well -known about it.

AI-based recommendations– Takatak utilizes AI to automatically analyze the user’s interests and preferences based on their interactions.

Research target audience

The first work is to understand the audience and then creating a product to satisfy their needs.

Have a comprehensive understanding of their average age, where they live, which platform, and their operating system, and how strong their connection is.

The other tasks are to understand their loading times, user interface, app utility, and something similar which can affect your niche audience’s desire to use the app.

MVP development

For a successful launch of the app, developing an MVP is a vital step. It allows you to test your app first hand and collect reviews from the users. In this way, you can make the changes as you want, check its functionalities, and what all changes need to implement. With the help of a developer, you can build social media MVP to get a clear idea about the hours that need to be spent by a designer, QA specialist, project manager, and communication.

Depending upon the approximate cost of app development in an appropriate region, the total cost of an app can be estimated. Once you collect enough every required features, customer reviews, and launch the product.

Release and Marketing activities

Marketing is the foremost thing that can help you optimize the app in the marketplace where you are going to publish it. Including a catchy description explains how the app is about and how they can people it.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” hence you can add screenshots of the app which can make things easy for the customers to understand about the app. The inclusion of keywords in the title tag, and of course, a great logo.

Then the question arises that how can the people get to know about the app. Regarding the promotion, you can announce it on your website and social media and does the promotion. The inclusion of screenshots and links to the app can work wonders.

In addition to the above marketing trends, you can run paid ads including Google ads and social media ads. These paid ads will help you generate a larger number of qualified leads who are interested in your app.

As you can understand, creating an app like Takatak helps you follow is not a hard thing to do so, if you follow these tips.  Get in contact with the right developers to tackle every technical issue, but the foremost thing is to make sure what’s in the niche audience likes. The success rate of an app truly depends upon the customers’ needs and preferences. Hence make sure you create a great musical app that will fall in love with.

How Much Will it Cost to Develop a Similar App like MX Takatak?

To develop an app like TakaTak, it would cost around $5,000 to $30,000, if you want to add every small basic feature for a single android or iOS platform.  If you are planning to add more advanced features and developing it for multiple platforms, the Takatak app development cost can be $20,000.

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