Online Lead Generation Techniques in Year 2021

10 Best Lead Generation Techniques for 2021

January 7, 2022

Whether you own a startup or an established company, a lead is a catalyst that can drive essential growth for your business.  A lead is a potential client which can be converted into a customer over time. If your company offers great value and proves that your service can solve their issues, then lead generation can do wonders. Generating quality leads is the backbone of a good B2B marketing strategy and establishing a strong pipeline can help you ensure a steady growth rate.

How effective is online lead generation?

Gone are the days when marketers used to reach their niche audience through mass communication means, nowadays marketers are learning new methods to create long term relationships.

Online lead generation is one of the methods which can help you gain important information of contacts, based upon customers’ requests. This information can be gathered through chatbots, call back requests, and a lot more.

According to, more than 95% of the first time visitors to the website can be potential customers in the future, even though they have not made any purchase. Online lead generation is one of the vital ways to convert first-time visitors into buyers. In this competitive world for online business, every company is practicing lead generation tactics to stay ahead.

Lead Generation Techniques

Overtime many lead generation techniques have been practiced for online lead generation. Let’s dive into some of the top used lead generation techniques.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Since a website is the face of any business and it is mostly directed by popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Search engine optimization is a process by which a website’s ranking can be improved by the web search engine’s ranking.

Search engine optimization can be practiced by the following functions:

A) Crawling–  A web page rank can be enhanced by enabling crawlers to search for the new link. Once when they are found, they are added to the index called Caffeine which can be later used to retrieve it in the future.

B). Index- Nameservers have their respective website URL stored in their database. After the search is done, the relevant link is received and the required web page can be displayed.

C) Search engine ranking- Higher the SEO ranking, higher the visibility and the number of visitors, hence more and more SEO practices must be practiced so that business websites will be displayed in the first or second web pages.

2. Content is always the King!

A content-based lead generation marketing strategy allows you to enhance your web presence with the help of high-quality optimized content.

To make a website rank well, investing in content is one of the best lead generation techniques. Higher the quality of content, the higher the website rank.

Corporate blogs, product information, website content, newsletter are some of the content marketing tactics which can be practiced. Content marketing aids companies increase their SEO ranking by enhancing customer engagement.

3. Pay Per Click Advertising

In this tech-savvy world, a business must have an effective web presence so that it can reach its niche audience.

PPC is one of the efficient digital marketing strategies which can help you reach massive audiences. You can direct users to the business website through relevant advertisements and paying for each click.

 For implementing PPC, it is essential that you have the right website, social media platforms to enhance the engagement level and increase the audience. Once the keywords are decided, you can start a campaign after selecting the platform with the required budget and relevant website with quality content.

You can gain constant traffic and a broad audience after utilizing PPC campaigns.

4. Online lead generation using social media

Social media platforms have proven to be one of the best lead generation strategies. To drive you can make use of organic content on platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube so that you can reach out to your niche audience. These social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to target specific audiences with paid ad solutions as well as to target audiences based upon their interests.

The user-related content can be displayed in the form of blogs, website content, forums.  Influencer marketing can also be practiced using digital advertising so that you can reach a specific and target audience within the social media platforms.

5. Initiate a business newsletter

Email marketing strategy is a great online lead generation strategy that can do wonders for your small business. The content strategy paired with social media leads capturing tactics can be used to deliver a stream of updates from your company. These updates can be useful information, product updates, or any factual data.

Making a niche audience sign up for a business newsletter is a great idea. You must be consistent upon sending the newsletter after targeting a captive audience so that they can be converted into customers.

6. Website Optimization and Landing Pages

No doubt a company’s website plays magic with leads, but it must be properly designed and offer the right information. A good website with great loading and efficiency is helpful for driving trust and seek the contact information of potential customers.

The landing page plays a vital role in online marketing companies. These companies undertake different types of testing to optimize landing pages such as A/B testing.

7. Chatbots and Messaging

Chatbots are one of the best online lead generation methods. These can be implemented with the help of the technical and sales team. The team must learn how to present a well-tailored program according to customer’s requirements.

With communication, you can build trust with the users and offer them the required information. The people who handle chatbots must have thorough information about the updates about the products, discounts, and new features.

8. Marketing Automation

With the help of marketing automation, you can automate every online lead generation efforts. Drip nurturing, newsletters, webinars, online chatbots can help you convert the first time visitors into potential customers. Be it email marketing, lead nurturing, marketing automation helps to deliver the right content based upon the interests of the audience. On an additional note, automation can bring personalization to email campaigns. You can utilize lead generation tools to identify leads and then automate emails at given time or day.

9. Re-engagement Campaigns

There are so many leads that can be turned back to live with the help of re-engagement campaigns. The facts say that it takes less than 24 hours for most leads to turn cold hence, it’s a great idea to make successful interactions. These campaigns are aimed at people who have already utilized the product for a short duration of time and left due to some reasons.

10. Create Prospecting Emails

Cold emails  are the introductory emails , which can be utilized by the company to start building business relationships. It is always a great idea to address their pain points which can prompt them to fetch help from you. You can gain the attention of clienteles on the first hand which is the most important step towards online lead generation.

One size doesn’t fit all

The bottom line is there is a myriad of online generation strategies out there. hence it is important to make a checklist of your requirements before implementing it for your business. But you need to keep things in mind such as:

1. One tactic cannot be successful for every kind of business.

2. Always update every strategy.

The above discussed five tactics to create a great online lead generation. Start exploring more, so that you can ensure a great lead generation according to your wish.


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